We are Puissance

We are Puissance

Puissance is the most powerful equestrian magazine in the Low Countries and beyond. Bringing unique stories designed to inspire and resonate with you. Telling stories differently, we go beyond and give that little bit extra.

Our goal

We strive to bring together as many people as possible around equestrian sports. Each printing we have more than 35 000 copies in four languages. With readers throughout Europe, the US and the UAE, we have already managed to connect many people. But our goal is even higher.

Not only equestrian

With our goal of bringing people together, we also go beyond our beautiful sport. We want to give equestrian sports a taste of what is out here and vice versa, let people from outside enjoy the sport. As a result, you can find articles in our magazine and website about lifestyle, travel and business.


In addition to our offline magazine, Puissance is taking the online world by storm. On our website, you can find tantalizing interviews, amazing stories and insider information on various topics in equestrian sports and beyond.

Puissance Club

If you also enjoy meeting new people yourself, then our new Puissance Club may be for you! Take a quick look and discover all the benefits.